Pebbles to display the Brighton seaside

10 fun facts you didn’t know about Brighton

From ABBA to Sir Winston Churchill, Brighton has some astonishing facts;


  1. ABBA won the Eurovision Song Contest with Waterloo in 1974 at Brighton Dome which launched their career.
  2. There are more restaurants in Brighton & Hove than anywhere else in the country with a ratio of 1 restaurant for every 250 people.
  3. There is 1 drinking establishment for every 320 people and Brighton & Hove  has over 1,400 licensed premises.
  4. Brighton Marina is the largest man made marina in Europe covering 127 acres
  5. Brighton was the first place in Britain to open a naturist beach in 1979
  6. Brighton is considered the second most haunted city in Britain after York
  7. During the Second World War, the Germans were not supposed to bomb Brighton because Hitler wanted the Royal Pavilion as his seaside home.
  8. Sir Winston Churchill went to school in Hove in 1883
  9. George Everest, Surveyor-General of India and the man after whom the highest mountain in the world is named is buried in Hove
  10. There are approximately 614,600,000 pebbles along the 6 miles of beach – we’re still waiting for them to be counted though…

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