Brighton's Royal Pavilion

The Royal Pavillion

Currently 10% off tickets

The Royal Pavilion holds a 200 year history, and was first built as a place for King George IV to go seaside for pleasure.

Later on it served as a hospital during the First World War, and today it stands as an icon for Brighton. As a museum today, you can visit the royal bedrooms of the King, the Indian Military Hospital gallery, and more! The Royal Pavilion is also home to a tearoom where you can go enjoy an afternoon tea.

The hours of the museum from October to March is 10am to 5:15pm.

If you book your tickets online before March 31st you can save 10%.

Prices for an adult is £11.07 and a child is £6.21 with other prices for seniors, students, unemployed, disabled, groups, and family tickets.

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