Your holiday is booked and you are beginning to look forward to enjoying the sunshine, sandy beaches and British cuisine comprising of scones, ice-creams and fish and chips, but what do you need to pack for your trip?


We have gathered the top 5 ultimate UK seaside trip essentials;


  1. Layers – it’s all about packing lots of layers of clothes, the British weather is very unpredictable. We could be sitting in sunshine and a couple of hours later there may be some rain.
  2. Sunblock & Protection – make sure to pack your sunblock, sunglasses and sunhat!
  3. The Inflatables – there is some serious inflatable game this year, makes sure to get yours ready for the glorious seaside!
  4. Music – ipod, phone and headphones, make sure you have downloaded the latest playlists to enjoy on your journey to the seaside and also on the beach!
  5. Reading materials – whether you want to catch up on the latest celebrity gossip on magazines, delve into a novel or catch up on some clips on your ipad make sure to pack your reading material!